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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ride on.

I LOVE the biker chic look. LOVE.

(I ride a Harley, and it's one of my FAVORITE past times in the summer, but my chaps for riding, are just for practical uses.)

 If it were acceptable to wear leather pants to my daughters play date- I would.

If you've seen me, in the past 6 years, you know this is my fav hairstyle:

It all started in Australia...7 years ago...(here with my Irish co-worker and friend Stephen. SO much drinking...which is why my face is swollen, and there are fly aways here. If you know me-you're laughing.)
I have blonde "Snooki" hair. The bigger the "poof", the bigger the party. Clearly, this was daytime(pictured with my husband, aww.)-so the poof was tame.  
Gawd...this is getting obnoxious.  

I feel like a total rocker when I have my hair incredibly teased. Actually, I can't even say that I "tease" my hair. I freakin' ABUSE it. I am very lucky to have such strong hair, because the way I back comb it, it's scary. I was born in the wrong decade. Could you IMAGINE if I was a teen in the 80's? (I would have LOVED every minute of it.) My hair would have looked like this:

People ask me how I get it like that...I find it really easy, since I have been doing it for 10 years, but here's the broken down version:

 Start at the crown of your head. using a tooth comb, pull a section of your hair straight UP, and backcomb like a crazy person. Now Spray with hair spray. Continue this in sections all the way to the front. I "mold" mine into place. You have to play with it a little, to find out what your hair can handle.

Has anyone "Liked" my style.Ease facebook page? Click on that link to see Tom Ford's biker style. (I <3 Tom Ford. One day, when I'm a billionaire...I will have a closet full of his line.)

Tom Ford Spring 2011

Burberry Spring 2011

Burberry Spring 2011

But...we DO have play dates...and depending on your circle of friends...a full metal jacket may not be appropriate. So...what to do, what to do? Start playing with accessories, if going full tilt makes you nervous.

Try a studded clutch:

Diane von Furstenberg

Philomena Studded Clutch

$212.50....you can find cute clutches that are not $100's of dollars...but I love a good quality purse/bag/clutch...

Why don't you try a biker jacket, with jeans to start. You can work it up from there. And you'll look hot. Next time you see me...I may be wearing leather pants.


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