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Thursday, March 31, 2011

It was January 2010...I was a stay at home mom of a 2 year old daughter, Ava, and 7 month old daughter Sophia. My husband works his cute lil tushie off for our family- mostly overseas- so I found myself alone a lot...well, not ALONE....I had two, poopy, sometimes pukey, cute, loving, amazing little girls with me....but I starting talking to myself....not a good colour on anyone....

I NEEDED something for just mommy. I thought, if I have to change ONE more diaper, do ONE more load of stupid ******* laundry (Which I obviously HATE doing- it's the putting away part that gets me.) or cook one more meal, that they won't even flippin' eat- they throw on the floor, which I then get to WASH...YAY ME!- I would go postal.

We have dear family friends, who we love, love, love-and she was a rep for a Jewelry company, and thought it was something I should try. I wasn't into it. Here's why.
  1. I hate selling.
  2. I hate home parties.
  3. I LOVE the ease of online capability, and that company, just didn't have it. (I actually went online to sign up, but you had to call first, fill out forms, blah, blah- lost me right there.
  4. I wasn't in love with the line. Don't get me wrong-it's very nice, but it wasn't ME...and I knew I would not be successful representing something I wasn't completely head over heels in love with.
It was maybe a couple days after my failed attempt at trying to sign up for the other company, when my friend asked me if I would host a "Stella & Dot Trunk Show" for her. I said yes- I didn't know what that was, but I wanted to support her. Then she sent me the link to her website. I IMMEDIATELY signed up online. Literally. I think I looked at the website for MAYBE 2 or 3 minutes. I knew that I wanted more than the typical $250 in free that hostesses get. I wanted it ALL. And that's what I did. I signed when there wasn't a $450 special on, so I quickly spent the $350 in free when signing up, and definitely didn't waste the 50% off. I called my friend and cancelled my trunk show..."Sorry, but I just signed up under you!" She had been only signed up for a couple days, so I told her not to worry about "training" me, I'd figure it out. And that's what I did. She was great, helped me with the questions I couldn't find myself-and HER sponsor, and HER Sponsor's sponsor-everyone-they were all so helpful! But the online training is unbelievable.

I decided to at least try to make back my investment. If I did a couple trunk shows, and pay off what I spent, the worst that would come of it, is that I'd have a ton of free, AWESOME jewelry.

Those "couple" trunk shows turned into over $52,335.00 this year. So, my personal commission, was money I made by having a glass of wine with great women, and trying on jewelry. Seriously.

I now have a team of 39 and counting...did you know you make "Coaching commission" on your team? So...2011 is going to be a great year. Not only for me, but for my team. I want the amazing women on MY team to each have 20+ women on THEIR teams. Because we are changing the world one necklace at a time. Think I'm crazy if you want, but this "little business" of mine, has changed my life. I have gotten ME back. I don't wear jogging pants every day anymore. (Comfy yes, but you feel like a pile of ****. Admit it....I mean, I feel SO much better, when I'm dressed like a grown up, with beautiful jewelry on, than when I'm wearing old sweats.)

Not everyone has to do it full time like I do. (MY full time right now is about 15-30 hours a week, depending on the week.) You can fulfill a huge part of yourself doing it VERY part time. I can't tell you how much I love Stella & Dot, and how incredibly GRATEFUL I am for coming across this opportunity.

Are you wondering if you "can do it"? If you can see yourself doing 4, 90 minute trunk shows a month- Signing as a Stylist may be for you!  Get $350 in free jewels when you start YOUR business! You are so not alone in this. We have an AWESOME network of women! (I have made some of the most amazing friendships) I would love to help you. Give me a call-it may be the call that changes your life.

~style YOUR life at http://www.stelladot.com/sites/rjohnson/our-opportunity~


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

The awards season may be over in the States, but I can't wait until after the Juno's...I need to talk Academy Awards Style!

Shimmer, Sheer, and Ruby Reds!
Colour and Couture ruled the red carpet!

First up!  

Anne Hathaway.

She wore so many gorgeous outfits, (6 gowns, and one CUSTOM made tux) but the one dress I wasn't impressed with, was the dress she wore on the red carpet. She was the HOST! She could have picked any dress in the world, and she chose a (beautiful, don't get me wrong) Valentino, DIRECTLY off the runway- from 2002. For me, I didn't have the WOW factor.

In my opinion, she should have worn the Electric blue dress from Armani Prive! Custom Satin, and just delish! (Did you know that the FAB Rachel Zoe styled her?)


Sandra Bullock

Beautiful dress, by Vera Wang- but she NEEDED statement earrings.

Smokin' body, perfect complexion- but something is missing! I think that Stella & Dot's PETRA FRINGE STATEMENT EARRINGS and BRACELET would have worked perfectly. The dark metal against this red, would have been beautiful! Thoughts?
Click here to buy

Click here to buy!

Ok, this next look will not please the tabloid crowd, and the majority of viewers, but the fashion crowd swooned over Kate Blanchett in Givenchy. I love this, it is straight off the Spring Couture 2011 runway. I LOVE the green with the lavender. It is a piece of art, not meant to be sexy, meant for fashion, in the true sense of the word.

One of my FAV looks was from Jennifer Hudson. She was SMOKIN' in Versace! The tangerine dress, was stunning with her beautiful skin. She was wearing purple shoes with the dress, which I think is adorable!

I also thoroughly enjoyed Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture:

But my NUMBER ONE look of the night!
Gwyneth Paltrow in CALVIN KLEIN 
Pure perfection. It looks like liquid metal. Her hair was perfect. Gorgeous, LOVE it, all around.

Now, onto my worst dressed list:

 Helena Boham Carter

I loved her in 'The Kings Speech',  but what the hell...she has the worst taste...but it's Helena Boham Carter, could I expect anything more from her?

Marisa Tomei

Ugh. Do I even need to say anything about this monstrosity? Horrific. Terrible cut, TERRIBLE hair. She has a hot body, and this is just aweful. It looks like she got her hair done at a Beauty School, and then brushed it out. (no offense to beauty school attendees, but it's the bloody OSCARS.)

(I am hopped up on T3's from a serious ear infection-in both ears- ewwww! - So forgive me for spelling mistakes or whatever...)

 Much love,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Has anyone ever seen "Real Housewives of New York"? Did you see the one with the "Countess", or "Dutchess" or whatever she was... ("was", because she is now divorced...) Anywhoo.......the episode where she sings her "hit" song "Money can't buy you class"?-I think that's what it's called- Ummm, look for it on you tube if you are REALLY  bored. As I flipped channels, and caught it, it made me laugh....

It's true...either you got, or you don't. If you don't, you CAN have it...but that means you have to grow up. Stop being so damn selfish. Stop blaming everyone else, and be able to admit when you've done something wrong....when someone approaches you with a problem, do you attack back, or do you HEAR what they say, and wonder how you can repair what they feel you have done to them?  That latter of the two is classy. If you are the first option...you are an asshole....there is a gray area...one I want to elaborate on, but I'll take the high road, and leave it at that.

Speaking of clASSy.....WHAT is up with 14 year old girls...(ok, who am I kidding- it's TEN YEAR old girls now, isn't it?) dressing like prostitutes? Hooker clothes on ANYONE is a bad colour, but seeing a 10 year old's butt when she bends over to pick up her Polly Pocket, because her skirt is too short- IS NOT OK.

Attention mothers: it is time to bring back the ruler. Start measuring skirt hems. Do you want to be a grandmother? Then tell her to get back in her room right now. She is not leaving the house dressed like that. No, no- if your daughter is under the age of 15, she should be wearing a JUSTIN BEIBER tee, and jeans- sans whaleback.  

NOTE: If you are over the age of 18...or you have children of your own...do NOT wear a Justin Beiber shirt. That is creepy.

If you let your daughter dress like this...congratulations- You are a horrible freaking mom.
Stay clASSy readers,

*** I forgot to add...Ed Hardy is not cool. Skulls and crap aren't "Stylish". Don't shoot the messanger. I have stuff with skulls- hoodies, Harley Davidson tees, and I wear them, but I know I don't look "Stylish" , that's all.

If you are trying to look "Classy", don't not wear any of the following:
Fake Chanel= tacky

Guns= not cool.

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like this. Just sayin'.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Let down your long hair.....

Are you trying to grow out your hair...but not having much luck? Here are a couple tips:

  •  Do NOT wash your hair every day. It seriously dries it out. Start skipping a day, then skip tow days, and three days. Wash your hair every 3-4 days. It will take your body a couple of months to figure this out, but your scalp will get used to it eventually. The truth is- your Scalp and your hair need the essential oils produced during the day. You probably think it's gross, (unless you already do it) but it will make your hair MUCH healthier. (PS: You don't NEED expensive dry shampoos to get through the "no wash" days. Mousse and AEROSOL hairspray applied at the roots will dry up the oil.) -Straight hair will get oilier quicker than curly hair.-
  • Use an intense repair conditioner on your ends. Leave it on for about 10 minutes. If you are trying to avoid cutting (or even trimming) make sure you do this. Otherwise, your ends could die, and fall off. Leaving you in the "My hair never grows longer than this" stage.
  • To get through the 3rd or 4th day, wear your hair up, and use aerosol hair spray. (Aerosol is dry, compared to pump spray, which is wet.)
The above may be really hard for you to even IMAGINE doing, but in 6 months-a year from now, when you have the healthiest, shiniest hair  at your play date....you'll thank me.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's Amore`....

Ahhh...soon, the snow will melt, and the Uggs will be put in the closet again...far out of sight...and my strappy sandals and sky high heels will reign again! I am dreaming of it. So much cold, and snow, and ice...I have yet to slip and break anything because of "inappropriate" footwear. When my daughters are in University, I am OUT of here. You will find me somewhere warm, wearing my open toe heels...strappy wedges, sexy sandals...all.year.round. I like boots too...but high boots...or leather boots...sexy boots...NOT winter boots. I very much dislike winter all together actually..and really, who doesn't? Ok..there are one or two people who like the freezing cold, and think the snow is "pretty"...the ONLY thing I like about winter is snowboarding...and I haven't gone once this season! (BOO!)

Anyway, the Spring 2011 shoe trend is kinda a take on last season, so we can all rejoice! There hasn't been a huge change, so if you aren't huge on shoes (really???) you can continue on with what you have. Unless they looks like this:

NEVER let anyone tell you that these are cool.
I love mixing materials...leather & wool...lace & leather...I really like leather.....so why not with my shoes! My husband was just in the back room, and saw a rather "new" pair of shoes....(his eyebrows lifted...) "I've never seen theses before?" he said; "Why don't you blog about shoes with wood paneling?" Haha...who had a wood panel station wagon or mini van growing up? C'mon...I know some one had one! I love it...ok, not the van...but wood on shoes! So cute! And can be matched with pretty much anything! A little dress, a long dress, a tee and shorts- a blazer and jeans! And image that they were wedges...ahhhh.... I love shoes. More than make up. When I start making more money than my husband, and I am paying the mortgage- I am going to have a room just for shoes. It will be beautiful. I honestly don't even care if you are judging me right now. Do you think it's selfish for wanting that? That's nice of you. I also donate to the Mustard Seed, and to Stars Air Ambulance, so there. Let me dream of my shoe shrine.

You know you want one too...
Hot trend for when the snow melts ladies:

Like I said- STRAPS. The more there are, the better!

By: Free People
Trieste Espadrille Wedge
Style: 20388575

Clogs with heels. Not flat clogs...those are known as "CROCS". Wear crocs, while in the garden....never anywhere else...

Suede & Wood- Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

Are apparently back...but I'm not a huge fan. They really do nothing for an outfit. They can be more comfortable (but not always) than their 6" counterpart....when wearing kitten heels, keep them pointy...they work best with 60's inspired outfits...thanks "Mad Men". (No hate mail, I heard it's a great show...I'm just sayin'- that show made quite an impact on the fashion scene.)

I love Audrey...so for her, and her only...I will wear a pair of Kitten heels.
That's all for now....until we meet again......


Sunday, February 6, 2011

If you need to cry, go outside.

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” Gore Vidal

Fashion comes after style. I think, to be stylish is one thing, to be fashionable is another. Style is eternal, but fashion fades.

Women who are NOT stylish:
  •  Bitches. You can be in the most expensive Chanel tweed jacket, with your long pearls hanging, but if you are a bitch-keep walking sister. Get you nose out of the air! Who do you think you are?! I can't stand women who look down on others...who can't smile for the life of them. I want to knock their lights out... (***violence is not the answer, I know.) Seriously though- we all know a few, who think they are better than everyone else...who sneer at others, and try to make them feel like less of a person, in hopes that it will make themselves look or feel better. Guess what honey? You look like an idiot, and no one likes you. How stylish is having no friends? Not at all.
  • Cry babies.  "Crying over what's gone won't find the present."-Edwin Louis Cole. People who complain, and cry about everything is NOT attractive, nor is it stylish. I can be quite the drama queen sometimes, and yes, I am sensitive...(why so hard to believe?) but sometimes, you need to just SHUT UP. It's not all about you. What you are going through may not be as bad as the person sitting next to you. Obviously, what you may be experiencing could be HORRIFIC. And in that case, you need to cry. Crying can be very healing. What I have a problem with, is when someone who is going through something, that in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter a whole lot- the bigger picture of LIFE...let's say...for example- their cat dying, (I know...you loved your cat. I'm sorry for your loss.) they go insane. They plaster it all over facebook- they text everyone they know that their life is now over, and what is the point of going on. Are you fucking kidding me? Mourn it. Talk with a friend, if that helps you move on. But MOVE ON. It was a cat. Or a boyfriend. Whatever.
"Leave Britney alone!!!"
  •  Insecure people. We all have insecurities. I have daily battles with mine. It's life. But at some point, you have to move past what you don't like (or hate) about yourself, and focus on what you love. There HAS to be something you love. Look at your slender, long fingers- damn girl, you could be a hand model!!! (did the link work?) Find something to be confident about. NOT BITCHY, confident. Hold you head high-not your nose in the air. Slap a smile on your face, and shake your tail feathers. Here's a test for you...everywhere you go today, or tomorrow- can you smile at EVERY person you come across? Every person. Can you? Try it...consciously think about smiling at people as you go through your day....and maybe buy the person behind you in the drive thru at Tim Horton's their coffee...that $2 will make their day.

    I think I need some Vitamin D and a coffee...this was a grumpy post. But c'mon. Always looking at the dark side of life, and having the "poor me"'s" will get you nowhere. I promise you that. And after awhile, people will have no compassion for you, because every day you are complaining about how horrible your life is.....or making fun of everyone else....or hiding in a corner, because you don't like your nose, or some superficial stupid thing, that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Every day is a gift...and if you are wasting days crying over spilled milk and being single, I will tell you how it is. Don't come to me for advice if you don't really want it. If you're looking for someone to boo hoo with you, and tell you how great you are, and how horrible everyone else is...keep movin'- I am not that person. I WILL, however, tell wonderful people how wonderful they are.

    I will try to focus on the fashionable side of style next time...maybe make it a lil funny?
    Whatever, take it or leave it.

    Grumpily yours,

    Today is your day.
    You're off to Great Places!
    You're off and away!

    You have brains in your head.
    You have feet in your shoes.
    You can steer yourself
    any direction you choose.
    You're on your own. And you know what you know.
    And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go."

    -Oh the places you'll go, by Dr.Suess

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Make it or break it.

    We've talked clothes, we've talked confidence, we've talked gunts, and we've talked hair.

    Now-on to the make up. I LOVE make up. I LOVE it!!! I love every aspect of it. I love applying it, I love playing with different looks- I love that my make up can reflect my mood, or change the feel of an entire outfit!

    In high school, I would do the make up for my school plays. I wanted to own a Salon "when I grew up"...I also love hair, but my drama teacher told me I should go into make up artistry.  You have to be damn lucky to get a good job in that industry...so low, and behold...here I am, blogging. :)


     There have been points in my life, where men have said "You don't need make up? Why do you wear it? You're beautiful as you are." I get completely offended. It's nice of them to say that- but I don't care what the hell they think. Doing my make up, is a part of the day that I thoroughly enjoy. In the mornings, my daughters come into my room, and play with my brushes- Dorothy*, the younger of the two, tries to eat my bronzing beads...and Stella* the three year old tells me I look beautiful.

    I know what's gonna happen- there are some of you reading this going "Oh my god. That's horrible. HUNNY! Come read this! This twit is instilling horrible values in her poor daughters! They are going to think that beauty is completely superficial." Shut up. That is not at all how it is. I love all things fashion-and make up is a part of it. I find it FUN. Like some of you find...baking...fun...or gardening...fun. Fortunately for my daughters-their god mother is a fabulous baker, and their grandmother is a terrific gardener. SO- one of our bonds, will involve fashion and beauty. Get over it. (As blunt as I am on here, I am an ok person. I do care about most* people, and try to put others before myself where applicable. BEAUTY comes from the inside, blah, blah. We all know that-RIGHT!? NO emails please.)

    This is NOT my daughter. I don't even let me daughters "play" make up. They can watch mummy...and maybe when they're 13...we'll start with a little blush....my husband is crying in the corner, thinking of them as 13 year olds, wearing blush.
    Now...On to the trends for Spring 2011!

    For your eyes only:
    Pretty Pastels

    Pastels are back. They seem to come and go, which is nice...you may still have a few pretty pastel shades, waiting in the shadows....(hahaha-get it, "shadows"?) Bust 'em out girlfriend. The thing about pastel, is you really need to match your skin tone.

    For day time, choose a light colour, and keep the rest of your make up simple. Nude lips, and a little bit of blush.

    If you want to amp it up for a night out- be a little more daring. Try a brighter colour, and more dramatic lip...OR a dramatic eye with nude lips.
    This look isn't for everyone. It's takes quite a lot of confidence to pull it off.
    Chanel has come out with a new line for Spring- LES PERLES DE CHANEL....do your best tweed and long pearls

    Coco Chanel believed that the reflective light from pearls on a woman's skin enhanced her natural beauty. LOVE Coco Chanel. "Coco" was actually on the names list for my first daughter...but damn Courtney Cox did it first...moving on.....

    Red, red, red, red, red, red, R.E.D

    Did you get the memo? RED. Red is usually a staple for Fall/Winter, but this luscious colour has been making appearances all over the runways of Spring 2011! It is sooo daring, and so fab.U.lous!!! If you are used to nude lips, (like me. I LOVE a good nudie lip) trying a red can seem as scary as bungy jumping. But TRY it! Wear it around your house for a day. Catch glimpses of yourself as you walk by a mirror....if you HATE it after the first day, then forget I said anything...but I think you may like what it does for your posture... ;)

    How to pick a red for your skin tone:

    Your skin undertones are warm (yellow or golden undertone to your skin, you tan to a golden brown color, you look best in golds), try a red with a golden or yellow base. 

    If your undertones are cool (your veins are blue, so opposed to green, you look best in silver, etc.) then try red with a blue base.


    • When wearing red lips, your foundation and coverage needs to be near perfection. Any slight red imperfections in your skin, can and will be used against you, when paired with a red lip.
    • Keep your eye and cheek colour minimal when paired with a strong red lip. During the day, a sheer vanilla eye colour and a dip or two of mascara is all you need. Maybe a lil sweep of blush. For a night time look-or if you like a more dramatic look during the day- draw a line of liquid eyeliner from the inner corner of your lid to the outer...oh goodness, what have I started...ok, I will go into more detail on how to do that. Curl your lashes(ALWAYS) and add a few coats of black mascara. Va-va-voom!!! 
    PS- Brown lips are back, so if you are completely uncomfortable with red, start with a brown...but I think you should jump in head first with the red!!!

    1. One finger on the outer part of your eye-pull taut...not too much...easy Tonto...
    2. Start at the inner corner. LIGHTLY touch the tip to the inner corner, and in a fairly swift motion, "pull" the liner across the lashline. Try to stay as close to the lashline as possible.
    3. Before you get to the absolute outer edge, flick the liner in an upward line...but not too much...unless you like to rock the cat eye look...which I do sometimes...it's not a bad thing necessarily. 
    Liquid eyeliner is not easy the first couple of times. It takes practice to be able to draw a straight line, or do it fast enough that you don't have a shaky, uneven line. Like everything else, practice makes perfect.

    Yours in rouge,

    Ladies, I didn't touch on foundation...but here's what out: TOO much foundation- you don't want people to SEE it, it's there to cover "imperfections" ;) Use a green (or possibly pink?) base on red sopts, then cover with foundation.

    Note: if you bought a foundation that is too DARK, don't fret! Mix in a couple drops of SUNSCREEN. The zinc will lighten it, and the SPF will protect your skin!