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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby it's (still) cold outside.

In my last post, I wrote about Spring collections. I couldn't help myself! Spring may be on the runway, but it's definitely not here in Calgary yet. (Boo!) What can a girl do? We live in a winter city...Three things Calgarians (and many Canadians in general) know for sure- taxes, death & snow.

So, how to look sexy while trying not to freeze your money maker off? Here are a couple tips:

  • Add a little rocker chic to your look. Try a pair of fingerless gloves. Very edgy ;)

  •  Instead of throwing a huge parka over your cute lbd, try a tres-chic trench! Make sure that the hemline of the coat is longer than the hem of the dress to avoid a style faux-pas.

  • Think hourglass! Even with a winter coat on, you can still accentuate your waist! Strap a fun, skinny belt on-va-va-voom! Look at Cameron Diaz; hottie!

  • What to wear on "chilly", not quite "freezing" days? Try a slim, thin leather vest, with a matching turtleneck. Very cute. It will hug your body in the right places, and isn't as frumpy, or bulky as a winter coat. 
Notice her fun animal print shoes? She may not be PETA's BFF, but here's to hoping all that leather is "faux".
  •  Mega loop scarves are all the winter rage. Note* when wearing a huge scarf-make sure to offset the bulkiness with fitted jeans and jacket.

    Faux Fur Vests:

    Real Fur Animals draped all over you:
    • When wearing fur, stick to the fake stuff, unless you inherit your grandmothers jacket...new real fur is beyond tacky...not to mention mean, to the little foxies and bunnies who died for you. I'm no Animal rights activist...I like animals, sure...but would I march in a bloody parade for them? No. (when I think of an animal rights parade, I think of naked humans splattered with blood...am I wrong?)

    Stay warm beautiful. 

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