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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's talk...

Ok, I have to say this. I've been seeing it everywhere, and it just isn't working. If you are wearing DARK pants/jeans/leggings/tights, ect...please consider wearing dark boots. Wearing Black tights and Camel Uggs-for example-is not a good thing. Why? It cuts your leg off where the boot starts. If you continue the colour all the way through, you're legs will look longer, and leaner. This is a very good thing. Same goes for dark boots and light pants combo....don't believe me? I'm sure some people won't, because I see women everywhere wearing dark & light combos.

Stand in front of a full length mirror with black tights on. Put one black boot on, and a light boot on the other foot. Which leg looks longer? (You're welcome.)

 Speaking of Uggs....I just want to throw this out there...Uggs + Cut off denim shorts=not good...not good at all. People will make fun of you. I'm saying this out of love...just so we're all on the same page.

Something to wear: Black tights, under black shorts. Hot, hot trend.
Wanna go further? Try a detailed tight, under solid black shorts:
Wanna go a step even further? Try it with faux leather shorts....keep in mind that finding faux leather, is not an easy task....you have to be careful...you don't want to look like you just got off work at a shady bar...

Another cute look? Denim shorts in place of the black short. Try a blazer on top:
(Notice the BLACK boots with the black tights.).........Please do not wear UGGS with this look.

Ok, it sounds like I hate UGGS...but I don't. I love them. They are so warm, and sooo comfy. But they are not fashionable. That doesn't stop me from wearing them. I think they are cute. I wear them with Jeans. Of a similar colour if my jeans are tucked into them.

Hmmm...what else should we talk about? Ooooooh-let's chat about:

I love animal print. I find leopard easy to wear with my skin tone. Olive, gold tones can opt for Cheetah or leopard. Fair skin can tend to pull of Zebra...

When wearing animal print. Wear ONE piece at a time. NEVER wear a Cheetah print dress with matching animal print shoes, hat, belt, ect. BLAH! It can be fabulous, but it can also be horrific.


And of course....these are a no-no in my book.

As with anything. It's about your personal style, and your confidence. These are just my opinions. If you feel great when your in a print head to toe-then go for it. :)

What goes great with Animal print? SOLID colours, and a smile.

(PS- my husband bought TWO pairs of William Rast Jeans yesterday.
 Ok, so they were on sale, and it was a gift card...but this is HUGE! If you know my husband....this is shocking news.
I've been saying for YEARS that quality denim is the way to go, and he would call me crazy. "I would NEVER spend that much money on jeans. NEVER."
WELL....I now get to say "I told you so!" He loves them. And he bought them YESTERDAY. I didn't know for sure if the demin thing would be the same for males as it is females....but, I guess they deserve to feel good about their butts too. :)

I hope you all had a very Merry, trendy Christmas-and a FABULOUS New Year.
Are you going out tomorrow night for NYE? What are you wearing? I'm wearing a LBD.(little black dress)
Everyone has one, and they are easy to change. Dress it up with new Jewelry:

Deco Drop Earrings, and Metropolitan Mixed Chain necklace by Independent Stella & Dot Stylist Rachael Johnson. www.stelladot.com/rjohnson

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pain is beauty?

Yes. Lookin' good ain't free honey!

Ha...ok, it doesn't have to be ALL the time...but for the most part...it usually is. Have you ever worn spanx? NOT an easy experience...worth it? Absolutely.

But really, I feel so much sexier in a pair of 5 inch heels, than kitten heels. Am I alone on this? Not only do my feet hurt after five minutes, but they are a major hazard, and safety issue. Have you ever tripped while wearing 5 inches? I haven't yet, but all that runs through my mind, while wearing sky high heels is "OMG...OMG....OMG..."...I wonder what my face looks like when I'm walking around, THINKING my 5 extra inches are makin' me look all hawt and such....and maybe I wasn't looking hot at all, but I felt hot, and that's what is important.

Well, was I ever happy as a pig in....you know...when I saw that WEDGES are back baby! Sooo easy to wear, and walk in. Your chances of falling down a flight of stairs with wedges on, are drastically reduced. Phew.

But here's the thing...I have two little girls...one of which, still needs to be carried...in order for us to get anywhere, in a reasonable amount of time. And the other...well...she's quick as a fox, and I need to be prepared to run after her at any time...safety first people. I refuse to be the mom in sweatpants, with no make up on, my hair in a disaster everyday. Don't get me wrong- I am sitting in my pj's right now. My kid (the fast as lightning one) is very sick...poor thing- so today was a sweatpants day. And tomorrow might be a sweat pants day...but Monday...Monday, will not be. On Monday, I will get up, shower, and get ready for the day ahead...pretending that I have a reason to use my hair straighter. I may not even leave the house. At this point, I don't have anything that I need to lug the kids out for, but if something comes up, like if we run out of milk...I will be prepared. Are you judging me?-let's be honest. You may be laughing to yourself. "Oh my god-she straightens her hair to get milk? How vain." And maybe it is...but I also know, that when I am dressed like an adult woman, and feel like I look presentable, I FEEL better. I find that I walk a little taller and I smile a little more.

Kinda funny story actually....one day, I had a lot of errands to run. (My husband works over seas mostly, so my poor kids have to come along for everything.) I got dressed- to feel good- including heeled boots...and headed out. Well, my kids were soooo good, that I decided to treat them at McDonald's. We went in, and my then 2 year old was playing in the play place. She went right to the top, and freaked herself out. She was stuck. Coming down herself was NOT an option. I was mortified...and worried. Did I have to climb up there and get her??? I knew that the stupid structure could "handle" it...lol-my dad was the contractor who built the said McDonald's, so I got to test it out, before it was opened...another mom offered to sit with my baby while I went up and rescued my toddler. I was pretty frantic, and I just went in-didn't stop to think that I should TAKE OFF the boots with heels...duh...anyway, it was fine...a little harder to get around, but we made it down, finished our happy meals, and got out of there. I later updated my facebook status, realizing that I probably looked like such a fool, (and what's better than being able to laugh at yourself, right?)-something to the effect of *"Note to self...when climbing to the top of the play place to save daughter...take off heels first." Well, a few friends were able to laugh with me about how they too have had to climb up at some point or other...but there was one gal...who needed to say something like "Oh my god. You wear heels to McDonald's?" All I could think was..."Really? Are you THAT chick? Just because I'm a MOM doesn't mean I have to look like I deal with poop and puke all day! If that makes you feel like you're a better mom, be happy with yourself...don't try to make me feel badly about myself." Which is something important that I realized after having my first baby. Not taking care of myself, does NOT make me a better mom. Taking care of myself DOES. How can I take care of anyone else, if I'm not taking care of myself first?

Do YOU need to wear heels to get milk? Probably not. But maybe sometime you should try it....because maybe you'll like it! Which really brings me to the most important thing about FASHION and STYLE. And that is- Confidence... do you wonder how the hell Lady Gaga leaves her house? Yeah...so do I...no amount of confidence could make me smile while wearing a steak on my head...and body...and feet....ewww...I don't get her...I like her...but I don't understand what's going on here....
The point is...if you are confident in yourself, it doesn't matter. The other day, I could not find anything to wear. I ended up with leopard leggings, a brown over sized tee...(which, now looking back is the wrong cut...)brown knee high boots, and a tux-style brown with gold speck vest. Too much brown...brown OVERLOAD. And half way there, I realized...omg...what was I thinking? But, I was already on the road, what was I gonna do about it now? WEAR it. If you let your clothes wear you, you'll look awkward. Who knows what people at that meeting thought...but best of all: who cares. In the end, I thought, OK, I don't look HORRIBLE, so I'm gonna wear it, and be confident in MYSELF, not just my clothes. And I felt great.

Love you sweats, but love yourself too. Really...you know you feel better when your hair is done.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, I was NOT a jewelry person a year ago. I didn't know where to buy good quality, cute, affordable jewelry.

Quite honestly, I felt bad buying jewelry from "those stores" at the mall...A huge necklace for $8? How is that possible? Ooooh....tiny fingers made it...that's not ok....

So, one day my friend told me she had started as a Stylist with Stella & Dot. I didn't think anything of it, but agreed to host a "trunk show" for her. She sent me the link to her website, and I fell in LOVE. I wanted everything. Right now.

I saw that you could pay $199 to sign up, and they send you your starter kit, PLUS they give you $350 in free jewelry, and the entire line at 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I immediately signed up as a "Stylist".

I'm all about immediate gratification...and it has been amaaaazing! (PS- if you want to know more about being a Stylist yourself, email me at r.sd.johnson@live.com and we can chat about it.)

Here are some fav's~
Here are LAYERING bracelets from Stella & Dot.

Deco Drop Earrings ($39 CDN) :http://www.stelladot.com/sites/rjohnson/productcatalog?page=productdetail&sku=E113S

Remember- when you are going for a STATEMENT piece-let it do that. And don't over-do it in other areas.
A big statement necklace like the "Nolita", should be paired with little earrings...like the "Ava Cupchain Earrings". Viola! You just updated your plain Tee & Jeans! f.a.b.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MUST HAVES in your Closet.

Hi ladies...ok, let's be honest. There are always those days, when we look in our closets-regardless of how big (or little) they are...and cringe. NOTHING to wear?! Why is my cc maxed, if I have NOTHING to wear!?!

Never fear ladies. Here are a couple tips on what to wear, and how to wear it-with ease.

1.) The puuurfect jean. I know that you have heard of labels like, Rock & Republic, Paige Denim, Seven for all man-kind, ect, ect....or have you? Ok, so not everyone has heard. But those of us who have, probably rolled our eyes...and choked on our double double when we saw the price. Rock & Republic denim runs around $170-$300 per pair. Is that crAAAzy? Yes...BUT-you should start saving your pennies, because, as crazy as it is-you're butt has never looked as good. I don't know what voodoo magic they do on these jeans, but wowza! It's worth it ladies. Think birthdays, holiday gift, or good old piggy bank savings. Seriously. I have had my Paige Denim for over FIVE years, and they STILL fit like a glove, and I feel like a hottie everytime I wear them! Needless to say, I am now saving to buy more. :)
Jean by Rock & Republic

PS- A good DARK denim is the first pair you should invest in. The darker the wash, the more formal the jean can be. Dress them up, dress them down. Love it!

These babies are all the rage. My personal fav? An oversized tee, jeggings (have you seen these yet? don't worry, I'll fill you in.) my arms layered in gorgeous arm candy, and a loooong necklace, paired with statement earrings.

3.)  A good pencil skirt.
A pencil skirt can be your best friend honey. Pick one up in black, or charcoal paired with some black opaque tights (if it's chilly)-tuck your over sized tee in & throw a cardigan on top. Also can be dressed up, or down. Always classy.

4.)  PLAID. It's huge. Everywhere. Get some. I love this trend.