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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make it or break it.

We've talked clothes, we've talked confidence, we've talked gunts, and we've talked hair.

Now-on to the make up. I LOVE make up. I LOVE it!!! I love every aspect of it. I love applying it, I love playing with different looks- I love that my make up can reflect my mood, or change the feel of an entire outfit!

In high school, I would do the make up for my school plays. I wanted to own a Salon "when I grew up"...I also love hair, but my drama teacher told me I should go into make up artistry.  You have to be damn lucky to get a good job in that industry...so low, and behold...here I am, blogging. :)


 There have been points in my life, where men have said "You don't need make up? Why do you wear it? You're beautiful as you are." I get completely offended. It's nice of them to say that- but I don't care what the hell they think. Doing my make up, is a part of the day that I thoroughly enjoy. In the mornings, my daughters come into my room, and play with my brushes- Dorothy*, the younger of the two, tries to eat my bronzing beads...and Stella* the three year old tells me I look beautiful.

I know what's gonna happen- there are some of you reading this going "Oh my god. That's horrible. HUNNY! Come read this! This twit is instilling horrible values in her poor daughters! They are going to think that beauty is completely superficial." Shut up. That is not at all how it is. I love all things fashion-and make up is a part of it. I find it FUN. Like some of you find...baking...fun...or gardening...fun. Fortunately for my daughters-their god mother is a fabulous baker, and their grandmother is a terrific gardener. SO- one of our bonds, will involve fashion and beauty. Get over it. (As blunt as I am on here, I am an ok person. I do care about most* people, and try to put others before myself where applicable. BEAUTY comes from the inside, blah, blah. We all know that-RIGHT!? NO emails please.)

This is NOT my daughter. I don't even let me daughters "play" make up. They can watch mummy...and maybe when they're 13...we'll start with a little blush....my husband is crying in the corner, thinking of them as 13 year olds, wearing blush.
Now...On to the trends for Spring 2011!

For your eyes only:
Pretty Pastels

Pastels are back. They seem to come and go, which is nice...you may still have a few pretty pastel shades, waiting in the shadows....(hahaha-get it, "shadows"?) Bust 'em out girlfriend. The thing about pastel, is you really need to match your skin tone.

For day time, choose a light colour, and keep the rest of your make up simple. Nude lips, and a little bit of blush.

If you want to amp it up for a night out- be a little more daring. Try a brighter colour, and more dramatic lip...OR a dramatic eye with nude lips.
This look isn't for everyone. It's takes quite a lot of confidence to pull it off.
Chanel has come out with a new line for Spring- LES PERLES DE CHANEL....do your best tweed and long pearls

Coco Chanel believed that the reflective light from pearls on a woman's skin enhanced her natural beauty. LOVE Coco Chanel. "Coco" was actually on the names list for my first daughter...but damn Courtney Cox did it first...moving on.....

Red, red, red, red, red, red, R.E.D

Did you get the memo? RED. Red is usually a staple for Fall/Winter, but this luscious colour has been making appearances all over the runways of Spring 2011! It is sooo daring, and so fab.U.lous!!! If you are used to nude lips, (like me. I LOVE a good nudie lip) trying a red can seem as scary as bungy jumping. But TRY it! Wear it around your house for a day. Catch glimpses of yourself as you walk by a mirror....if you HATE it after the first day, then forget I said anything...but I think you may like what it does for your posture... ;)

How to pick a red for your skin tone:

Your skin undertones are warm (yellow or golden undertone to your skin, you tan to a golden brown color, you look best in golds), try a red with a golden or yellow base. 

If your undertones are cool (your veins are blue, so opposed to green, you look best in silver, etc.) then try red with a blue base.


  • When wearing red lips, your foundation and coverage needs to be near perfection. Any slight red imperfections in your skin, can and will be used against you, when paired with a red lip.
  • Keep your eye and cheek colour minimal when paired with a strong red lip. During the day, a sheer vanilla eye colour and a dip or two of mascara is all you need. Maybe a lil sweep of blush. For a night time look-or if you like a more dramatic look during the day- draw a line of liquid eyeliner from the inner corner of your lid to the outer...oh goodness, what have I started...ok, I will go into more detail on how to do that. Curl your lashes(ALWAYS) and add a few coats of black mascara. Va-va-voom!!! 
PS- Brown lips are back, so if you are completely uncomfortable with red, start with a brown...but I think you should jump in head first with the red!!!

  1. One finger on the outer part of your eye-pull taut...not too much...easy Tonto...
  2. Start at the inner corner. LIGHTLY touch the tip to the inner corner, and in a fairly swift motion, "pull" the liner across the lashline. Try to stay as close to the lashline as possible.
  3. Before you get to the absolute outer edge, flick the liner in an upward line...but not too much...unless you like to rock the cat eye look...which I do sometimes...it's not a bad thing necessarily. 
Liquid eyeliner is not easy the first couple of times. It takes practice to be able to draw a straight line, or do it fast enough that you don't have a shaky, uneven line. Like everything else, practice makes perfect.

Yours in rouge,

Ladies, I didn't touch on foundation...but here's what out: TOO much foundation- you don't want people to SEE it, it's there to cover "imperfections" ;) Use a green (or possibly pink?) base on red sopts, then cover with foundation.

Note: if you bought a foundation that is too DARK, don't fret! Mix in a couple drops of SUNSCREEN. The zinc will lighten it, and the SPF will protect your skin!


  1. I Love this Post!,
    My daughter has loved makeup since the day she came out of the womb I swear! Ever since the day she started showing signs of her distinctive personality it was clear that part of who she was reflected all things girly, From baby dolls to purses to nail polish to now jewelry (YAH). I never told her to put on mommy’s shoes and parade around the house as a toddler, she could of just as easily decided to wear daddy’s shoes, but she picked mine because they were pretty and her inner fashionista couldn’t help but be drawn to them. If my daughter had naturally grown into being more on the tomboy side and gravitated towards sports and wanted to chop her hair and refused to wear dresses, I would of supported those traits and no one would judge so why is it wrong to encourage the more feminine qualities?
    Anyways, just wanted to say that you rock!

  2. Thank you "anonymous"! :)
    Funny! I knew my older daughter would be, but thought the younger would be a tomboy. She's rough, but hits her sister while wearing my heels! I'm sure they will be athletic, but touching up their lipstick in the dugout!