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Sunday, January 16, 2011


The title of this post...is because "inappropriate" has been a word in my house lately. I have a 3 year old daughter, and a 1 1/2 year old daughter...I am trying to explain what is "inappropriate" to a 3 year old, and what is ok. But then sometimes, I'll see a grown woman, and think... didn't anyone have that talk with her?

For example;

  • A grown woman, wearing jeans so low, that her thong is half way up her back-is inappropriate. In fact-it is inappropriate for not so grown women as well. And it's gross. (Once i saw a boy-wearing skinny jeans, that were below his bum, and he was wearing a purple thong. ***GAG***- so actually, I'm gonna say what no one should have to say: it's inappropriate for boys too. *shutter.)
    • While we are on this topic...which is worse? "Whale-tail" or "Muffin top"? -Whale tail- is seeing the top of your thong, and muffin top- is when your jeans are too tight at the waist, squeezin' some love, up and out........yeah....just get rid of your low cut jeans.
  • Also inappropriate: an ill fitted bra. Bad, bad, bad. And just wrong on so many levels. If you have boob, squishing up and out of the top of your bra-it's too small. -Seriously, invest in a bra. If you have the money, go to a real lingerie store, and buy a couple real, high quality bras. -after you have had a fitting. Your ladies will thank you...but you're bank account won't-those suckers are expensive...but worth it! 
    • *note- this look is most inappropriate while wearing a low cut top, preferably with skulls, and be-dazzling. Throw a bandanna on, grab a big bear beer and you're ready for the races. 
Do you feel like maybe sometimes, you aren't dressing your "age"? I realized I wasn't, when I counted how many hooded sweatshirts I have...(for the Albertans-"hoodies", Saskatchewan-"bunny...somethings?") Anyway, I think it's important to dress appropriately for your age.

I for one, try my best to not wear a "hoodie" everyday. Comfortable,  and warm...but not trendy, or stylish. Don't get me wrong- I wear them often, but not when I go out for a reason.  I do not wear a hoodie while doing any of the following:
  • Going to the movies with your man, or your girlfriends....if you're with your man-look good honey! Give him a lil (extra, cause yes-I know you're beautiful Au natural) arm candy to walk around with. He likes it when other dudes do a double take, cause you're HIS. (Unless he's a crazy person...in which case....well, that's not even funny to make a joke about...) And then after the movie, he'll need to take you for a glass of wine to show you off, instead of rushing back to the babysitter!? Score. If you're going with your girlfriends, it's just a fun reason to doll yourself up.
  • Going out for dinner-anywhere. Hoodies are not flattering. And there are so many other, warm options.
  • ...............I just realized that I can go on, and on...so maybe it would be easier to say where I DO wear hoodies:
    • at the gym
The end.

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