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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Collections are on their way!

I'm thinking of Spring...so many things to look forward to. Some would say flowers, new life-calves in the fields, butterflies...me? New Spring/Summer lines! Ooooh, I'm so excited!

As you most likely know, I am an Independent (STAR-"toot-toot"-that's my own horn there ;) Stylist with Stella & Dot, (which is such a fabulous company) On SATURDAY I will be flying to Dallas, Texas for our Directors Conference. I will watch the fashion show of our new Spring/Summer 2011 line, with a glass of Champagne in hand, surrounded by amazing women!

So, now that the new line is almost here-we are thinking about what we will wear with the gorgeous pieces!

Here are some big trends for Spring 2011:

Minimal White
I love white. So easy, so clean. (Unless you have small children-like me....tide pen to the rescue!)

Sheer baby, sheer.

Ok, maybe the exposed nipples are a little much...but-Michael Kors showed plenty of crisp, cool whites-as he indulged the biggest color trend for spring 2011. The softest-looking T-shirts, flowing skirts and his take on the season's suit.

My mother is going to be ecstatic! The seventies are back baby!

-high waisted denim
-over-sized plaid
-flowing blouses
-flatforms (part platform, part wedge)
-wide leg trousers

(by Derek Lam)

*~*~*~* AHHH!   I have seen denim on denim, and I didn't hate it! It felt weird.....*~*~*~*

Eclectic Chic

I am loving Michael Kors Spring 2011 line.
60's style jackets are hot, hot, hot! (Choose an A-line coat, in a hip, cheeky colour to vamp up your cuteness!)

Patterns, colours, CRAZINESS! Would you try to pull any of these off?(by Chris Benz)

To play with the look above- choose "happy" prints, and mix them up. Throw in some confidence, and work it girlfriend! I was out for a drink with some pretty awesome chickas last night, and one mentioned that it's funny when people say "I could never pull that off." WHY do people think that? Because they are lacking in the confidence department. You CAN pull it off if you want to. I mean...not ALL trends are for everybody, -the models are a size -000, but if you try it with a big smile, and your head high, it will work. At least better than if you look like you're uncomfortable. Like I've said-wear the clothes, don't let them wear you.

I need some time to digest these:
Michael Kors Spring 2011
My feet are thanking me already, just for considering them...your thoughts?

Some of the pieces about to debut in Dallas from Stella & Dot:

The nice thing about the new S&D line, is that you can wear it NOW. Throw it on with what's in your closet, and it instantly updates your wardrobe! Who can actually afford to CHANGE their wardrobe every season? Not me. That's why I LOVE being a Stylist with Stella & Dot! I can work with my closet, when I get my new Jewels in!

(Email me to get your FREE Jewelry wardrobe, and let's get you set for Spring!)


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