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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hair plays a HUGE part of your look. If I am having a bad hair day, fuh-get-about-it. Seriously. When you go shopping, and your hair looks bad, or maybe your make up too....you have "butter head" (everything's great...but her head...In N.American...we call it butter face, but in Australia, they say things like "Mate, look at her head..."-if it's a bad situation... So, I think "butter head" is appropriate when you're having a bad hair/makeup combo day.) when you're shopping, for example- you most likely won't like what you're trying on...it becomes a frustrating experience, and you end up buying a hoodie. Sweet...another frumpy hoodie. SOOOO high school.

What is the 2011 trend for YOUR hair?

Long hair:

Double hair knots
this style is all about looking "effortless".  Which is funny....cause it sometimes takes awhile to get the perfect "I don't care look". Haha!

  1. Spritz the hair with a sea-salt spray all over (Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is awesome)
  2. Now, scrunch the hair into bunches to add waves and texture while drying 
  3. Pull a thick section of hair out at the front, sweeping it into a deep side part
  4. Then, take back two sections of hair and tie into a knot - then again into a double knot
***UPDATE : More details on the double hair knot

1.) Your hair needs enough texture for the hairstyle to hold.
You're not looking for so much texture that this becomes too messy of hairstyle, but enough that it adds volume.
Try a spray-in mousse applied to the hair's roots. Then worked through with a hair dryer.
If you have flat or fine hair simply apply more mousse. This is a hairstyle that will benefit from liberal lashings of mousse, so be worried more about too little, rather than too much.

If the hair dryer and mousse causes too much of a messy look (natural waves dominating the hair) brush out the excessive texture.

2.)  Using a comb divide the hair at the back down the centre hair line, beginning at the crown of the head and finishing at the nape of the neck.
3.) Hold both sections of the hair separately.

4.)  Tie a single knot in much the same way you'd tie any knot.
To do this place one section of your parted hair over the other, loop that section though the created hole and pull the two parts tights.

 5.) Now, do another know, same as above, so you have two knots.

6.) Twist a little bit, and stick bobby pins through the "knots". Secure with a couple bobby pins.

7.) Spritz with hair spray to keep any fly aways, or short hairs in place.

For fall or winter, play down the beach look by making the hair smoother and a little less textured. Try replacing the sea-spray with a volumizer and keeping the hair in place with a little hairspray.

 Short hair:

The waved bob-
The more understated the curls, the better. Don't focus on getting perfect curls.

1.)   Work mousse through your hair & dry
2.)   Create loose curls in sections, a couple inches down from the root. They need to have "bends", not tight curls
3.)   Hair spray, then blast hair with a blow dryer to break it up.

The PIXIE cut.

2010 had a little longer version of the pixie cut, but SHORT, SHORT is back. And eeeeaaassssy!


 How to spend 10 minutes on your pixie cut...and not have the same 'do as your son ;)

 1.) Blow dry on HOT, while "pulling" sections straight.
 2.) Now, put a little pomade on your finger tips, and "mess" up your hair.
 3.) Pinch some pomade to select ends,  of select sections.
 4.) Strut.

Hair accessories are not going to be very popular for 2011...head bands here and there, but not a lot more  than that.

Don't try too hard, that's kinda the point. A little messy can be good.
Happy stylin',

***super duber details & photos were found at an awesome site:
LOVE it!

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