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Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's Amore`....

Ahhh...soon, the snow will melt, and the Uggs will be put in the closet again...far out of sight...and my strappy sandals and sky high heels will reign again! I am dreaming of it. So much cold, and snow, and ice...I have yet to slip and break anything because of "inappropriate" footwear. When my daughters are in University, I am OUT of here. You will find me somewhere warm, wearing my open toe heels...strappy wedges, sexy sandals...all.year.round. I like boots too...but high boots...or leather boots...sexy boots...NOT winter boots. I very much dislike winter all together actually..and really, who doesn't? Ok..there are one or two people who like the freezing cold, and think the snow is "pretty"...the ONLY thing I like about winter is snowboarding...and I haven't gone once this season! (BOO!)

Anyway, the Spring 2011 shoe trend is kinda a take on last season, so we can all rejoice! There hasn't been a huge change, so if you aren't huge on shoes (really???) you can continue on with what you have. Unless they looks like this:

NEVER let anyone tell you that these are cool.
I love mixing materials...leather & wool...lace & leather...I really like leather.....so why not with my shoes! My husband was just in the back room, and saw a rather "new" pair of shoes....(his eyebrows lifted...) "I've never seen theses before?" he said; "Why don't you blog about shoes with wood paneling?" Haha...who had a wood panel station wagon or mini van growing up? C'mon...I know some one had one! I love it...ok, not the van...but wood on shoes! So cute! And can be matched with pretty much anything! A little dress, a long dress, a tee and shorts- a blazer and jeans! And image that they were wedges...ahhhh.... I love shoes. More than make up. When I start making more money than my husband, and I am paying the mortgage- I am going to have a room just for shoes. It will be beautiful. I honestly don't even care if you are judging me right now. Do you think it's selfish for wanting that? That's nice of you. I also donate to the Mustard Seed, and to Stars Air Ambulance, so there. Let me dream of my shoe shrine.

You know you want one too...
Hot trend for when the snow melts ladies:

Like I said- STRAPS. The more there are, the better!

By: Free People
Trieste Espadrille Wedge
Style: 20388575

Clogs with heels. Not flat clogs...those are known as "CROCS". Wear crocs, while in the garden....never anywhere else...

Suede & Wood- Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

Are apparently back...but I'm not a huge fan. They really do nothing for an outfit. They can be more comfortable (but not always) than their 6" counterpart....when wearing kitten heels, keep them pointy...they work best with 60's inspired outfits...thanks "Mad Men". (No hate mail, I heard it's a great show...I'm just sayin'- that show made quite an impact on the fashion scene.)

I love Audrey...so for her, and her only...I will wear a pair of Kitten heels.
That's all for now....until we meet again......



  1. Until I get my knee surgery, I'm only allowed kitten heels...but most of my clothes are 60's inspired (hey, I work with my body type!) so it works. I miss taller heels! :)

  2. Kitten heels are in! I was too hard on them in another post- they are cute. And I TOTALLY get the knee pain (on a lesser scale) I blew out both of my knees playing hockey in High School- so I wear heels with a timer. :)