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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Has anyone ever seen "Real Housewives of New York"? Did you see the one with the "Countess", or "Dutchess" or whatever she was... ("was", because she is now divorced...) Anywhoo.......the episode where she sings her "hit" song "Money can't buy you class"?-I think that's what it's called- Ummm, look for it on you tube if you are REALLY  bored. As I flipped channels, and caught it, it made me laugh....

It's true...either you got, or you don't. If you don't, you CAN have it...but that means you have to grow up. Stop being so damn selfish. Stop blaming everyone else, and be able to admit when you've done something wrong....when someone approaches you with a problem, do you attack back, or do you HEAR what they say, and wonder how you can repair what they feel you have done to them?  That latter of the two is classy. If you are the first option...you are an asshole....there is a gray area...one I want to elaborate on, but I'll take the high road, and leave it at that.

Speaking of clASSy.....WHAT is up with 14 year old girls...(ok, who am I kidding- it's TEN YEAR old girls now, isn't it?) dressing like prostitutes? Hooker clothes on ANYONE is a bad colour, but seeing a 10 year old's butt when she bends over to pick up her Polly Pocket, because her skirt is too short- IS NOT OK.

Attention mothers: it is time to bring back the ruler. Start measuring skirt hems. Do you want to be a grandmother? Then tell her to get back in her room right now. She is not leaving the house dressed like that. No, no- if your daughter is under the age of 15, she should be wearing a JUSTIN BEIBER tee, and jeans- sans whaleback.  

NOTE: If you are over the age of 18...or you have children of your own...do NOT wear a Justin Beiber shirt. That is creepy.

If you let your daughter dress like this...congratulations- You are a horrible freaking mom.
Stay clASSy readers,

*** I forgot to add...Ed Hardy is not cool. Skulls and crap aren't "Stylish". Don't shoot the messanger. I have stuff with skulls- hoodies, Harley Davidson tees, and I wear them, but I know I don't look "Stylish" , that's all.

If you are trying to look "Classy", don't not wear any of the following:
Fake Chanel= tacky

Guns= not cool.

I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like this. Just sayin'.

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  1. lol! Write more, I love reading these while I'm at work.... "working"