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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MUST HAVES in your Closet.

Hi ladies...ok, let's be honest. There are always those days, when we look in our closets-regardless of how big (or little) they are...and cringe. NOTHING to wear?! Why is my cc maxed, if I have NOTHING to wear!?!

Never fear ladies. Here are a couple tips on what to wear, and how to wear it-with ease.

1.) The puuurfect jean. I know that you have heard of labels like, Rock & Republic, Paige Denim, Seven for all man-kind, ect, ect....or have you? Ok, so not everyone has heard. But those of us who have, probably rolled our eyes...and choked on our double double when we saw the price. Rock & Republic denim runs around $170-$300 per pair. Is that crAAAzy? Yes...BUT-you should start saving your pennies, because, as crazy as it is-you're butt has never looked as good. I don't know what voodoo magic they do on these jeans, but wowza! It's worth it ladies. Think birthdays, holiday gift, or good old piggy bank savings. Seriously. I have had my Paige Denim for over FIVE years, and they STILL fit like a glove, and I feel like a hottie everytime I wear them! Needless to say, I am now saving to buy more. :)
Jean by Rock & Republic

PS- A good DARK denim is the first pair you should invest in. The darker the wash, the more formal the jean can be. Dress them up, dress them down. Love it!

These babies are all the rage. My personal fav? An oversized tee, jeggings (have you seen these yet? don't worry, I'll fill you in.) my arms layered in gorgeous arm candy, and a loooong necklace, paired with statement earrings.

3.)  A good pencil skirt.
A pencil skirt can be your best friend honey. Pick one up in black, or charcoal paired with some black opaque tights (if it's chilly)-tuck your over sized tee in & throw a cardigan on top. Also can be dressed up, or down. Always classy.

4.)  PLAID. It's huge. Everywhere. Get some. I love this trend.

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